The vacuum in a tumbler machine has many benefits:

The first one is to make the product tumbled under a vacuum, it will make the physical volume of the product get pang big and fluffy. So that the taste of the products made is better.

Secondly, the product tumbling machine in a vacuum state will make the product in friction, wrestling to reduce the generation of heat. And the product will not be oxidized under vacuum. Therefore, it will not make the product deteriorate during the tumbling process.

Thirdly, the physical organization of the product in the vacuum state is puffed up, which is conducive to the absorption of auxiliary materials.

What is the shape of the meat inside the tumbler when it is vacuumed?

The meat pieces are in the vacuum tumbler. When the vacuum is drawn, the air that penetrates into the meat pieces will seep out due to the reduction of outside air.

During this process, the meat will produce many small holes that are invisible to the naked eye. Forming a so-called sponge-like tissue morphological structure. But it won’t get bigger in appearance.

These small holes that are invisible to the naked eye will absorb the seasonings and starch on the outside of the meat during the rolling process. And along with the beating during the rolling and kneading process, the tissue fibers of the meat are puffed up. To achieve the purpose of improving the taste of meat and increasing the meat yield.